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Singers Showcase: Synchronicity—The Music of Sting and the Police

After 2 successful shows in Spring 2022, Piotr Magierski decided to apply to another show at the Berklee Performance Center. In Fall 2022 Berklee was paying tribute to Sting and The Police. Piotr was honored to arrange 2 songs - Fields of Gold (feat. Melissa Hartman on lead vocals) and Fragile (feat. iasu on lead vocals). Click here to watch the livestream, or click here to read more about the event.

You can listen to Piotr's arrangements on livestream following these timestamps:

Fragile - 29:19

Fields of Gold - 1:42:15

Please note: Depending on your country, you may be required to sign into your Vimeo account in order to watch the livestream.


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