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Singers Showcase: I'm Still Standing—A Tribute to Elton John

Besides Great American Songbook, Piotr applied for another BPC show happening in his second semester - Singer Showcase. This time the cast of Berklee students paid tribute to Elton John. The show was sold-out. Piotr arranged 3 songs - a medley of Song for Guy/Daniel (feat. Tim Abend on lead vocals), and Madman Across the Water (feat. Olivia Engler on lead vocals). Click here to watch the livestream, or click here read more about the event.

You can find Piotr's arrangements on the livestream following these timestamps:

Song for Guy/Daniel - 1:19:58

Madman Across the Water - 1:47:35

Please note: Depending on your country, you may be required to sign into your Vimeo account in order to watch the livestream.


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